In a cascade of colors, the sea lays to rest, the adventurous sounds and scents of the coastline reaches my senses.
I take a deep breath in the crystal-clear air.
I see glimpses of white headed eagles, seabirds and the islets my father used to tell tales about when I was little. The cliff is still sun warm and provide a feeling of security in contrast to the great horizon. This powerful meeting between the elements brings memories back and nourishes my creativity.

With my products I want to seize that feeling. The feeling of warmth, longing and the alluring beauty that comes to me on that cliff and follows me through the creational process.
Forming products that can capture memories deep in your heart. Maybe memories of a special sunset or the delightful scent of a beloved summer meadow. A way for your mind to press hold and reach for that special place. Regardless of the art form being a garment, an illustration or a public decoration that’s the feeling I want to give you.

With my wide knowledge, long experience and passion I am convinced that together we could deliver on your special request.

Marie Stendahl AB

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Phone: +46(0)762 35 37 83

Adres: Generalsvägen 98 184 52 Österskär

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